Jewelry and accessories

Jewelry and accessories

500 pcs. transparent bag transparent Opp bags Self adhesive pouches cellophane self sealing Plastic bag for Jewelry Gifts Packed bags

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  • Brand name: ruiday
  • Origin: China
  • Product Specifications: Cello Bags Self Sealing Clear Transparent Opp Bags Self Adhesive
  • Model Number: 4x6 5x7 5x10 6x8 6x9 6x10 6x12 7x9 7x10 7x12 7x14 8x10 8x12 8x15 8x18
  • Item Width: 0
  • Item length: 0
  • Item Type: Jewelry Packaging Box Display
  • Item diameter: 0
  • Jewelry Packaging & Display: Bags
  • Product weight: 0
  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Height: 0
  • Cello Bags: Cello Bags Self Sealing
  • Cellophane Bags: Cellophane Bags With Adhesive
  • Cellophane Bags For Jewelry: Cellophane Bags Large
  • Opp Bag: Opp Bags Self Adhesive
  • Opp Bag Transparent: Opp Bag Christmas
  • Self Adhesive Bags: Self Sealing Bags
  • Plastic Bags: Plastic Packaging
  • Plastic Packaging Bags: Plastic Bags For Jewelry
  • Plastic Bags For Gifts: Small Plastic Bag
  • Transparent Bag: Transparent Bag For Packing
  • Transparent Bags For Women: Transparent Bags To Pack Gifts
  • Gift Bag: Gift Bag Packaging
  • Gift Bags For Jewelry: Gift Bag Packaging Wholesale
  • Pouches Gift Bags: Jewelry Bag
  • Jewelry Pouch: Jewlery Bag
  • Jewelry Bag: Clear Bag
  • Clear Bags For Women: Clear Bags For Packaging
  • Clear Bags For Women Transparent: Clear Bags For Packaging Self Adhesive
  • Minimum unit: 100000015
  • Sold At: sell_by_lot
  • Each package: 500
  • Logistics weight: 0.200
  • Logistics size - length (cm): 12
  • Logistics size - height (cm): 5
  • Logistics size - width (cm): 10

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